Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a broad range of services that address various industry needs and become the "company of choice" for domestic and international clients in every aspect of our company operations, motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit and excellence in execution. With innovative execution and delivery solutions for the oil & gas, civil & infrastructure, telecom & power transmission sectors Tan Singh Chauhan will provide high-quality, dependable solutions in the engineering, procurement, and construction domain. Tan Singh Chauhan also ensures on-going improvement of integrity, safety, quality, and sustainability for the client across geographies and multiple sectors.

Our Objective

Our goal is to improve customer satisfaction through an efficient quality management system and achieve the desired results by adhering to relevant national and international standards and specifications in the construction industry.

Our Vision

With a balanced portfolio of assets in the service industries of Oil & Gas, Power, Telecommunication, and Infrastructure Development, including logistics, and Construction, our vision is to diversify business corporations. In all of our business areas, we aspire to be the company of choice for national and international clients, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and exemplary customer execution at a very reasonable cost. We believe in seizing opportunities to increase our reach.

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