Infrastructural Development For Industrial Installations

We adopt civil works of heavy foundations for static and rotating equipments, maintaining partitions, plant and non-plant buildings, water reservoirs, RCC tanks, civil supports/pedestal for pipes and heavy valves and many others, culverts & crossings, drains, roads & path way for industrial houses. Trench excavation in all sort of soil & rock area and other miscellaneous civil works for move-usa pipelines and structural sheds also are being undertaken.

Sharply focused on capitalizing infrastructures needs, TSC has advanced in-residence able team and poised to enhance its contribution for the improvement of Infrastructure works together with web page Development/Enabling with its modern solutions.

Early Civil Works For Hydrocarbon Installations

We adopt Construction of Well sites, Land Development, Construction of boundary wall, Drains, Approach Roads, Pavements and Chain link fencing work etc for new site status quo.

Construction Of STP/WTP And Water Pipelines Project

AIPL has constructed a robust recognition of executing tasks for 40 MLD Sewerage Treatment Plant. TSC has in-house & cell website online facilities for pipe fabrication from plates. We have correctly undertaken the execution of pump-houses, treatment vegetation, reservoirs, sumps, buildings, roads, sub-stations and distribution networks.

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